EmailReach Deliverability Analytics API

The EmailReach API provides our customers with the option to implement and access our deliverability analytics tools through their own private website.

Our API is offered through a customized service plan which was initially developed for customers who wish to resell our site's functionality to their own customers & clients, but our API can also be used in your own secure website for your company’s internal needs.

To implement our API in your company’s website, your web developer would create a customized application which allows you to submit tests to our system and view those test results through your website. There is no software to download or install, and all setup & functionality instructions are fully documented.

Our API service plan requires a one-year contractual agreement. Please contact us at for more information!


Sample of embedded API in one of our partners' websites

Easy Integration

API integration has been made as easy as possible. We not only provide a fully functioning API, but also an l-Frame with an HTML feed. This simple and fast method can allow our partners to go live within hours.

Please note that our API service is only available to partners that have committed to a longer-term relationship with us. It is not a part of our standard service offerings.

Detailed information regarding the EmailReach API can be viewed here.

If you are interested in learning more about our API solution and its fit for your business, please contact us at